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We Care Realtors Community Foundation – Marketing Plan & SROI Plan

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Marketing Plan & Social Return on Investment

We Care is a charity program created by the Realtors Association of Edmonton. Since founded in 1986, the charity has generated over $3.5 million dollars in aid to local charities. We Care was in need of a social responsibility marketing plan for generating further capital. Increasing participation and donation rates was the primary intention in fund generation. By using primary and secondary data, the projects plans out suggested changes and measures SROI.

Working with Executive Director of the foundation, Jill Didow, meetings were set with We Care and several of it’s sister charities to determine multiple cost-benefit analysis from instant rewards to predictive benefits without the use of a longitudinal platform of study. Target market profiling was used to generate coherent, achievable and realistic goals while bringing to light any weaknesses in the current marketing rubric. From there, perceived barriers to donation were outlined and provided a foundation for the development of knowledge, belief and behaviour objectives as tactical messaging standards.

Overall, the project successfully outlined a social responsibility marketing plan for We Care. While the plan is an ever-changing set of goals and ideals due to the tens of charities associated with We Care, the foundation of objectives, messaging, and capital return are a staple in the adaptive marketing plan. Jill Didow and I still work today, rather now on various digital marketing initiatives to create engagement and donation conversions online.


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