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The City of Edmonton – Assessing the State of Online Media

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This municipal business project was based on determining the availability and use of social media by the City of Edmonton across a variety on indexes. These indexes were coded and compared to all other capital cities in Canada to determine the level of municipal online interaction and information availability. Separate from coding, a survey of 99 respondents analyzed the perceived implementation of social media by municipal, provincial and federal levels of government. These results were matched to give suggested improvements along the online information bank and social media used by the city. The results were shared with the head of the office of Public Relations and were positively received.

The initial stage of this project revolved around the execution of social media to support municipal engagement. While discussing the hurtles municipalities face in garnering citizen engagement, the head office of Public Relations was interested to see how online media can provide a primary or supplementary source of local input for project development and municipal development.

A supplementary assessment was built out by comparing all Canadian capital cities on over 20 criteria. These were qualifiers were then put through a regression analysis and compared against themselves and a select few cities in the United States. With all factors summed, the project finishes off with a set of recommendations for improving the online engagement experience and increasing overall new users.


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