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Neuromarketing and Big Data Analytics – Marketing Research Review

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The Expanding Reach of Non-Traditional Marketing: A Discussion on Neuromarketing and Big Data Analytics.

This paper aims to discuss the implementation of new marketing techniques in-hand with neuroimaging technology and big data analytics. The research looks into how brain activity on an unconscious level significantly effects consumer purchasing and perception abilities. Major topics include brain mapping in relation to promotional stimulation, neurochemical processes related to branding and prospect theory in retail environments.  The second portion of the paper delves into the use of big data analytics as well as a brief history of its implementation. Topics in this section include predicting consumer behavior, tracking trends of brand equity and managing customer personalization abilities.


This review was originally slated as a supervised research project under the watch of professor Webb Dussome at the University of Alberta in response to an intership opportunity with DDB Edmonton. All internship research papers through the school of business are a 15 page review of performed duties, experience and  perception of the internship experience. Dussome had challenged me with a 50 page minimum groundbreaking research topic currently expanding the industry’s technical abilities. This paper was a direct result of that challenge. Completed in-hand with my internship at DDB Edmonton, Martha Jamieson stood behind my project and was included on all developments and final installments. I would like to thank Webb Dussome for the opportunity to have him supervise this project and am proud to say that he has marked this paper as “the best undergraduate marketing research review he has ever read.”


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