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Earth Group – International Financial Modelling System

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Earth Group has a mandate to donate 100% of net profits derived from their Earth products to help feed, educate, and assist those who are less fortunate around the world. By distributing their branded bottled water, coffee, and tea, they feed on average 5,500 impoverished children every year. Their business is the only company worldwide able to use the United Nation’s World Food logo on their products. As a growing international company, Earth Group was in need of a better financial modelling system to measure margins, costs, and revenues of their products. Furthermore, a recently opened Earth Group coffee shop in Seoul, Korea was in need of a profitability analysis that was built through this project’s efforts.

Part one of the modelling system was initiating a global profitability model – Earth Group delivers charitable goods across the globe within a multitude of different markets, currencies and value of goods – creating a model that tracked these considerations was key to proper profitability analysis through product margins that ultimately effect the number of people using the good and services.

Costs of goods sold, fixed costs, and revenue streams were calculated for existing markets. Key features including production location costs, live currency trading rates, and a GAAP-based income statement are built-in to the working model.

Further, a break-even analysis and forecast model for Canada, Korea and Portugal was created to offer a financial platform to support expansion goals and provide key information for donors and other incoming capital streams.


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Earth Group - Financial Modelling System

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