Digital Marketing

My digital marketing passion started with one question: What is my marketing effort really doing for me? The digital era has exploded and consumer involvement is shaping industry expectations.  Fortunately digital development has brought a wealth of measurement techniques, ROI reporting, targeting, CRM and well, everything you can imagine. Front pages are now homepages; headlines are now H1’s. Let’s work with that.



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Google Analytics - Strategy

At a Glance:


Google Analytics Certified

Create and launch new analytics accounts with tiered and filtered segments

Transparent reporting on metrics and goals

Turnover reporting on all available indicators

Behaviour monitoring of on-site content, site speed, and traffic flow

Content drilldown reviews on all listed website pages

A/B testing on new experimental campaigns and major changes

Conversion tracking, assisted conversion tracking, goal tracking, conversion behavior and optimization initiation and development

AdWords account synching

Social and 3rd party platform campaign results with UTM tracking

Division, capture, modification of campaigns, landing pages, content and delivery reporting on:





  >Mobile Users


Google AdWords - Lead Generation

At a Glance:


Create and launch new AdWords accounts

General and call conversion tracking, assisted conversion tracking, conversion behavior and optimization

Click through rate, cost per click, and position optimization

Keyword development, modifiers, research and opportunity analysis

Remarketing, display, text search, and dynamic advertising

Geo-location targeting, time and location flex bidding, IP exclusions, competitor targeting

Develop strategies for:

  >Flexible bidding


  >Device targeting

  >Display advertising/creative

  >Dynamic advertising

  >Ad extensions

  >IP exclusions

  >Competitor targeting


Social Media - Engagement & Branding

At a Glance:


Content curation, development and publishing

Reviews, comments and engagement development

Campaign behavior tracking to website through referrals

Conversion tracking and pixel tracking

Custom audiences, lookalike audiences and remarketing

Granular geo, psychographic, and demographic audience targeting and analytics

Lead generation funnels

Email Marketing - Content Delivery

At a Glance:


Direct new creative for email campaigns via designer

Create and deliver target-specific copy for email campaigns

Hyper-specific targeting for pulling, building and scrubbing lists

Creation and idea generation of new and ongoing campaigns

Co-directing sales staff on appropriate plans of attack for follow-up touch points

List and program building for sales staff efficiency on call-backs

Oversee CASL compliance regulations on all outgoing emails and subscriptions

Analytics reporting on all campaign success via inbox and incoming website traffic

Web Development - Identity

At a Glance:


Domain registration and site pointing

WordPress CMS knowledge


Bootstrap 3

Site crawling for errors, page speed issues, design layout discrepancies

Embed, monitor and update all pixel tracking codes for remarketing and custom audiences

Geotargeting for personlizers and geofenced popups

Heatmap tracking

AdWords Accounts
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What People Are Saying

“I found Lowell very intelligent, resourceful, and driven. He immediately fit in well with our team and made connections with people in all areas of the company. If you want someone who’s committed to his work and to learning, shows initiative and is a pleasure to work with, I recommend Lowell.”

DDB Canada Martha Jamieson - VP & Client Services Director

“Lowell spearheaded a project that brought incredible benefit to our organization’s growth. He did so in a highly professional manner, displaying incredible organizational skills and an aptness for completing tasks ahead of schedule. Clever, freethinking and a tremendous asset, he would be a fine contribution to any workplace.”

Earth Group Matthew Moreau - Founder

“Lowell was a huge asset to our team with the Special Olympics Swimming Team. He consistently showed patience, determination, and confidence when coaching all of our athletes. We are very appreciative for his consistent dedication to make a positive impact with the team.”

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Special Olympics Deborah Foster - Head Swim Coach